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Spring cleaning

on April 10, 2011

Clean ape? Clean blog :-P.. Ok.. We’ll try postaweek.. Tp akan cuba lebey dr 1 post in a week hhehe.

Esok kerja mlm.. Finally after 4 weeks keje siang.. Due to shift rotation n changes.. The thing about working during the day is. .it’s a bit more mentally tiring. .. Hehheh

Recapping the week. . Monday, dearest pican masuk spital again.. And so i reach office in the wee hours of morning..sbb menumpang..
nk kuar merayap pon kene cari org yg rajin nk anto amik.. Hahhaha (bila time gini je i thought of a knight in shining armour) muahhaha.. (shallow).. 😛

But lucky me… Eventhough tade knight in shining armour, I always ade friends in the tine in need. .:-) .. Minggu ni even without car I managed to meet cikCT and along(syikin).. Thanks sbb meredah mlm mencari rumah ku.. Hehhe.. Maka dapat makan kat Murni Discoveries… ;-).. Dapat plak makan free.. Time kasey en kawan cik ct hhehe

Minggu ni also,  I was down wuth flu..and being me as usual, liat nk g klinik and of course i went to work as usual..

Smlm.. I started my class in ICLS.. From the book, i can conclude that i’m gonna have to learn the same things i’ve learn b4.. Hmm. Masa amik 3rd level in uitm pon i was basically repeating the things that i’ve learnt b4 too.. Hmm it’s hard enough finding place where i get to learn other than basic korean.. But it’s even harder to get to my correct level too.. Huuu.. I don’t mind repeating for the sake of revising.. But my money is finishing in the process of repeating the same thing. . Hahha

Hope i did make the correct choice..

p/s : kenapa saya masih blom meneliti page biasiswa?? Azreennnn… Move u’r ass quick or u’ll regret again…

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