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De-pilling the piles :-P

on May 22, 2011

Since nowadays I find it hard to sleep whenever I Have to sleep.. I think I better start reading my piles of books that I bought yearss back πŸ˜›

Yeah.. I have piles of yet to read books and my room is now full of them.. Ahhah.. I used to enjoy reading. Especially when i travel on a public transport… But now since I’m driving, I do not read much and most of the times its nearing to none..hahha

Sadly enough, I still have the interest to buy books though..and I keep telling myself I will stop buying next time whenever I bought 1. And yet the books keep piling.. Hhaha…

So I’m making a promise.. To start reading again..Let’s read at least before I sleep.. ^_^

2 responses to “De-pilling the piles :-P

  1. lynderq says:

    bila nk stat menulis blk? hehe

  2. hihik… ntah lah… hari2 berangan nk nulis.. tp tak tulis2.. ehheehhe

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