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Saya sudah siaplah… !!!!

on July 7, 2011

Saya sudah siaplah… !!!! Out Of many other things.. I certainly hate “last minute notice” the most x-(..

I had a late night movie last night and was suppose to have a meeting this morning.. Being a bit reluctant to come on my off day and because i have training session this afternoon as well, I was moving rather slow today.. I was about to step out of the house and my colleague called. . “Meeting cancelled.”

Wah…..!!! Luckily I was moving rather leisurely today.. If I was following my usual rate of getting ready, I’m pretty sure I should be driving and might have reach the office by that time..

Oklah in “their” defense they might have said that sms was sent earlier this morning to all.  And ok.. I will say tooo bad my new phone number was not saved on the office phone.. Fine fine.. But even if my number was there,  7.30 is not early enough if i were to follow my normal “getting to office” time..

Ouh welll.. I guess i’ll be sleeping a little bit more with a little bit more perfume.. Sighh~~~

4 responses to “Saya sudah siaplah… !!!!

  1. brainerx says:

    ala..not like everyday pon ko sleep with a little more perfume kann.. 😛

  2. ahhaha.. terlebey wangi masalahnya 😛

  3. lynderq says:

    last minute notice, so malaysian 🙂 hidup ‘1 malaysia’ haha

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