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on January 28, 2013

It’s now 4am.. and I am wide awake.. Haha.. Not sure if its due to the “Dark Mocha” I had at midnight while watching midnight movie or because I had a longgggg nap in the day.. (sampai sakit kepala)…

What should we write about tonight? Let’s just have a short entry for a start of 2013 .. As you may see, I have obviously updated “I’m part of Post a day 2013” & “I’m part of Post a Week 2013” .. Can i make it at least 1 entry per week? Let’s see.. :).. I’ve tries joining same effort on 2011 but as you can see (if you scroll\browse through my humble blog), it was not consistent.. hehe..

It has been a quiet 2012.. Mostly due to hectic work environment.. Work demand and (okay.. gotta admit) I was so damn lazy a bit lazy.. 😉 ..

Nevertheless, 2012 has been a great year for me :).. Particularly career wise. No, I’m still not the CEO of a company.. nor that I am a big shot anywhere.. (keh keh).. But 2012 has provided me with an opportunity to learn more…Particularly on communication skills.

Nope.. Still not the best communicator, but I’ve learn a great deal about people in the whole year of 2012. Managing people was never easy.. Managing 10 machine might be very easy compared to managing 1 head.. Then try managing 10 heads.. and then they multiplies to 22.. Believe me, it was such a headache.. Every person with ten thousands various different behaviors. Within a short period of time, (due to certain circumstances) I forced myself to adapt to workload that multiplies in no time..( no no time is not waiting…Its a take it or leave it situation).

There were times where I was literally crying in front of my laptop while doing endless job..There were times I did not have any weekends break for whole month straight and only slept for few hours a day,just to adapt..It was crazy…Only God knows how terrible it was..But no, I’m not regretting any of it. Any hardship will not go without any benefit in the end.. So I believe…

As mentioned earlier, managing machine is not even half the effort needed to manage people. Being in a management team does not make you a popular ‘friend’.  Additional “allowance” comes with additional task and headache for sure.. :).. I learn that you can’t satisfy all, You can’t make people understand you..(at least not until they try your “shoe”)  and you just have to do what you believe is the best. Regardless of what people say. Believe in yourself!! You are accountable for your own judgement and not others.

Nearing the end of year 2012, I was offered a new job. I was reluctant to try at first as I thought I still have things to accomplish there. But after further thinking, I finally accepted the job offer. It’s a totally new job scope I’d say. For now it’s still early for me to ‘evaluate’ the job, but I do hope 2013 will be a better year and a more successful years ahead.

Good morning.. It’s now 4.45 am and I’ll try to force myself to sleep.. 🙂

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