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How to set mp3 song as your ringtone for Iphone

I am an android fan and I find things related to Android are easy and simple to implement\execute. Recently,my company gave all its employee an Iphone5 each. Being an android fan, I do not feel the thrill of having an Iphone 5.

However, since its a gift from the company and we should be thankful for good deeds we receive, I decided to make use of it. So when I first “try” the Iphone, I have this plan in mind to make an entry on the comparisons between Iphone n Android.(from my point of view). For that, I’ll have separate entry maybe within these few days.

One of the thing I found hard to handle was to set mp3 song as my caller ringtone for the iphone. For android, it was just “Set as Ringtone” function in the song menu. So i was basically mumbling to myself why oh why does apple people make it hard for me to handle this.. After several attempts, I finally managed to set my ringtone… (fuhhhhhh). Please refer to below vid from youtube.

However, if you are so lost with Itune (just like me), you might find it a bit confusing at first.

Video credit to : brandon0409 (youtube).

Good Luck.. 😛

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