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When you are feeling down..

When you are feeling down.. What kind of music you like to listen to?

For me,i think i like to listen to sad song.. Or maybe slow ballad songs.. Hahah.. Mcm defeat the purpose kan? I think i love the enjoy the song according to my mood.. So if I’m down, the music is down too..

Unless if I’m really really down to the extend that I can’t function well, so then maybe i will listen to fast pop songs..;-) ..what about you?

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3 hrs in 48 hrs..

3 hrs in 48 hrs.. @_@.. I need sleep before i can think straight… Other things will be dealt with later

Would u choose food over sleep or sleep over food?  i choose sleep 😛

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Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Hmmm… When we were a child… We wil be a definete optimist.. Why? As a child, impossible is not in their daily mind.. They will try ever possible things that they see..

As for me, I think I was more optimist during my study years… Especially in my study I am more of an optimist than pessimist..Or is it because i am considered “quite good” in study that’s why i think i am an optimist?

Does being confident relate to being optimist then? If yes, then am I a pessimist in social life then? Hahha.. Not in the mood to go there today.. So i am ending this post with a question…. Are U a pessimist or an optimist?? 😉

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Esok Genting..InsyaAllah..




Hr ni x sempat usyar blog idea.. So today gonna bla blab blab aimlessly :-P.. Hari saya bekerja.. Case masuk x byk pon.. Tp sbb ade pyment issue.. Maka byk hbs masa follow up email…

Harini hujan sepanjang hari… Tp sebab our place is like the farthest place from the window,  so the weather was not noticed..

Teringat ada satu ketika… Pada suatu hari.. D mana hujan boleh menyebabkan mata dan hatiku turut hujan.. Haha….. Pada suatu hari~~~…

Anyway, tadi adhoc dinner kt Old Asia with cik yan.. Ouhhh hot soup on a cold rainy day.. Really hit the spot…


보고싶다…miss u.

Yess u.. :-P… Hahha.. …….

Saw some old colleagues office CNY activities pixs..ouh how i miss all those monthly activities in my former office..those are among thebthings that made the office dear to the heart…

Would like to post some old pix but since i am posting from my phone.. So i don’t have any related pixs.. Will upload some if i manage to upload it to the phone or something hehhe…

Nite.. That’s all for today.. 😉

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What is your idea of perfect Sunday…

Short entry… Sbb dh terlambat hehehe… What is your idea of perfect Sunday? For me that does not necessarily have an off day Sunday… I Would change it to my idea of perfect off day.. Hehheeh…

I think… If i get to spend my day going to the gym… Then if the off day happened to be weekdays, then maybe an outing session with frens who are free on weekdays would be great.. If just so happen its off day for families as wel.. Then i would probably like to spend some time with my little brother n sister and of course cousin. A nice movie with dinner or lunch woukd be great
.. At least once a month….

So what is ur idea of a perfect Sunday? Hehee… 😉


I’m Posting Weekly/ Daily in 2011!

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week daily for all of 2011.I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.



p/s : i was about to join the postaweek2011 and suddenly thinking, what if i post more than once a week? ahhaha.. so here we are…. joining 😀


Oraen kanmaniyeyo~~… Sudah lama tidak bertemu..

wahaa… sudah sangat sangat lama tak mengupdate blog…. nak kata atde masa, tak jugak.. infact, ada sangat banyak masa… woowooww.. tapi tade mood nk or malas nk menaip kot..

so what’s new? err.. nothing much.. Result KLPT dah diketahui.. itupon bukan nampak dengan mata sendiri, tapi “panchangnim” call bitau dia dh tahu result ku.. (bley?? :p)… how was it?? err.. alhamdulillah.. tapi sikit terkilan bila dapat tahu salah satu soklan je..so makes up the total mark 196/200… nothing much to brag cos it was basic exam only..

on the other hand, i finally made the effort to search for the page to apply for scholarship to study in korea.. and to my dissappointment, max age for undergrad student is 25 only :(… so there goes the hope to apply for language course in korea.. huk huk.. :(…

then, i have a peek for requirement for master programme..apparently, the GPA requirement is not that high…. (menyesal lagik :(… ).. cos the closing date was early of may… adehhh… tu lah, masa org sibuk2 apply, kita dengan rendah dirinya tammo tgk requirement, sbb mikirkan result degree kite teruk :(… alaaaa… adeh adeh.. tape.. ade hikmah.. insyaAllah..

miss panchangnim Ym tadi, inform ade programme untuk kelas bahasa anjuran kementerian pelancongan.. kursus 5-6 bulan.. then dapat sijil boleh jadi tourist guide untuk korean tourist… wahhh!!!!!… excited semula.. bukan excited ape, excoted sbb nk blajo 6 bulan free.. waaaaa…tapi full info belum ada lagik… praying.. praying… i really want it.. huk huk…

so, since i basically missed the few chances to study abroad (berangan lebey :p).. maka dapat dlm m’sia pon jadik aa.. waaa.. i really really want it…

aside from language related news, this coming sunday i will be running 10Km in the KL marathon 2010.. wahaa… trening tak cukup… then keje mlm pulak the night before the race.. .. i really hope, mlm before the race, tak banyak case utk di attend, maka leh tido… huhuhu.. 10 km weh 10 km.. wuwuwuwu..

wish me luck..

p/s : esok(eh jap gik) nk gi seoul garden bersama cik sahab… nk makan daging panggang… nyam nyam.. lapo.. huk huk..

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Silent Mode~~

I’m on silent mode these days.. I’m silent in the office.. i’m silent in the mailing list.. i’m silent most of the time..

Not in the mood for anything… Sad..for few reasons..

Shit(s) are everywhere… People give you shit, so you will act like one and give back the same old shit..


ouh it’s everywhere

it’s  in the house, it’s in the office, it’s among friends ouh it’s everywhere but here…

sighh… i saw bullet train passing by.. i saw a jet plane took off…  i saw and i saw a waving hand… or more or less handss…

it’s a fact i can’t change… so who am i to fell left out once a while?


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