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“Zia 지아 The Way I Am 내가 이렇지 Feat Ha Dong Kyun”

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Watch “49 DAYS 49 일의 예쁜 사랑 (신재 눈물이난다) Tears are falling” on YouTube

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Saya sudah siaplah… !!!!

Saya sudah siaplah… !!!! Out Of many other things.. I certainly hate “last minute notice” the most x-(..

I had a late night movie last night and was suppose to have a meeting this morning.. Being a bit reluctant to come on my off day and because i have training session this afternoon as well, I was moving rather slow today.. I was about to step out of the house and my colleague called. . “Meeting cancelled.”

Wah…..!!! Luckily I was moving rather leisurely today.. If I was following my usual rate of getting ready, I’m pretty sure I should be driving and might have reach the office by that time..

Oklah in “their” defense they might have said that sms was sent earlier this morning to all.  And ok.. I will say tooo bad my new phone number was not saved on the office phone.. Fine fine.. But even if my number was there,  7.30 is not early enough if i were to follow my normal “getting to office” time..

Ouh welll.. I guess i’ll be sleeping a little bit more with a little bit more perfume.. Sighh~~~


De-pilling the piles :-P

Since nowadays I find it hard to sleep whenever I Have to sleep.. I think I better start reading my piles of books that I bought yearss back 😛

Yeah.. I have piles of yet to read books and my room is now full of them.. Ahhah.. I used to enjoy reading. Especially when i travel on a public transport… But now since I’m driving, I do not read much and most of the times its nearing to none..hahha

Sadly enough, I still have the interest to buy books though..and I keep telling myself I will stop buying next time whenever I bought 1. And yet the books keep piling.. Hhaha…

So I’m making a promise.. To start reading again..Let’s read at least before I sleep.. ^_^


Watch “[eng] FT Island – Lovesick” on YouTube

baru pasan.. lagu ni dok duduk dlm draft.. tk post2 ehehhe

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Ouhhhhhh malu!!

Kenapa?? Sbb sudah jatuh mcm nangka busuk depan bunch of guy colleagues and the sandal putus tanpa maaf dan peluang utk diriku.. Ouh ouh.. Dan my colleague sudah ambilkan getah n sandal sudah diikat seketika utk menantikan waktu pulang (lepas dinner)..

Full details? Ask me personally if u wanna know details with effects and funny face expressions 😛

p/s  : saya maluuuu… :’-( :”>..
p/s lagik : hahhahaha..


Waa… Canner nk jump start nih???

Jump start?? Hehhe I’ll get to the related topic later.

Ouh.. There has been too many farewells recently (or at least in the office..). One n then another one.. N then another one bids good bye.. “bila ku nk blah plak tah?” 😛

Ok.. Coming back towards the title..i basically volunteered to replace for a colleague to work last Saturday night. And so the story starts as soon as when i wrote my last entry… Yada yda… I volunteered to fill in cos i am basically bored at home nowadays.. Hooo!!

So i went to my language class last Saturday.. N the car was fine..the earlier plan was to go somewhere in between after class n b4 work time at night. But then received a call saying this colleague was unreachable via phone, so not too sure if i still need to slot in or not.. So i went back home and the car was still ok..waited n waited until l fell asleep(ok getting there :-P).. N when i got the call that i need to replace the colleague, that’s when half of my story started..

The car wont start.. Haha!! Oh god. I can be very independent at other things.. But when it comes to car, I’ve always depended on my father.. Hehheh. And so Being me, I called my father and we jump started the car n i was off to work.. Weeheee.

Long story short(dr tdi babble tammo stop ek :-P) the next day nk blk, the car would not start again.. N being stubborn me, i do not simply ask My colleague to help cos i think i might manage.. Hahah.(berlagak!!) .. Being me.. Asking for a favour from others means i am burdening others..and so i did not ask.. But then when i was stuck.. Then i will regret for being shy at the wrong place n at the wrong time..

And usually only at that kind of situation, I will think “ouh.. If only there is someone that i can call unconditionally.. Who would always be glad to come to the rescue whenever i am in need of any kind of help.” ouh ouh.. (pathetic mode.. Huu).. Is it too much to ask as a normal person? (hey hey.. Where is this going?)..

And so to shorten this story(2nd attempt :-P). Luckily my colleague offered to help.. Which i gladly accept. Hehe. And so after the morni g chaos. I thought since the car was “freshly” jump started. So i think it won’t hurt if i stopped at the pump station for a while to refuel.. But heyy. Yesterday (eh it’s a new day again today…) so Sunday was not my day..the car would not start again… Huuuuuu

Since it was not far from my house,i made an attempt to call my father but the car is with my mom and i can’t reach my mom… And i ended up asking help from the pump attendant and the attendant asked around for any ppl who would willing to help me to jump start..(teruk tak?)…

N then finally ade sorang uncle willling to help.. So dapat balik rumah.. And then managed to locate the battery receipt and confirmed that the battery is still not yet 1 year and i got a brand new battery… Fuhhhh..(slamat duit..)

p/s : hari yg tragis..
p/s lagik : ermmmmmmmm…………..


Commitment issues

So i promised myself i will write daily… Then i update it daily for a few days.. And then daily becomes once every few days… And then i promised to write at least once a week….. And yet i broke the promise as well.. Does that count under commitment issue as well? 😛

I would say that that falls under commitment to self.. And maybe other readers (ade readers kah blog nih?) ahha.. 미안해…. Not too sure what i’ve been bz with lately..work? Don’t think so.. Social life? .. I doubt that too.. Plus.. Dearest cik Sahab sudah g Japan again.. And so minus one headcount to be my weekdays date partner.. Sighh.. Sahab.. I MISS YOU..

Talking about commitment, we will surely think about commitment with the “significant other”.. Sadly, come to think of it, the last time I commit to someone was like 10 years ago.. Wow!! Did not reallize that it was THAT longg.. In that 10 years, there are friends who fell in love, and then out of love.. And then in love again and then got married..and my longgg 10 years passed unnoticedly (ye ke?) hahah..

No no.. Not gonna go into details..as I will then feel pathetic and sice i’ve come to reallize that this “place” is sometimes (surprisingly!) visisted by many, I promised myself that I will then be less personal here and be more general.. 🙂

There has been few issues lately with frens and all where this person was talking about finding the other half.. And there was other fren who talk about desperately needing a companion.. And here i am.. Smiling.. But then only god knows what is playing in my mind.. 괜잖아…! 괜잖아…! 괜잖아…!

If I said that I’ve come to the point where sometimes it crosses my mind that the other half does not exist, does that mean I have lost the faith as God’s servant?

Sigh… 🙂


Mari berpantun…

Esok hari isnin…
Ramai org x suka isnin..
Tapi minggu ni saya suka isnin..
Sbb saya tak kerja isnin..
(pantun senin :-P)

Smlm ade satu lagik pantun.. …

Ini hari hari Sabtu..
Esok hari ahad…
Tape tade beza ahad atau sabtu…
Sebab dua hari ku kat pejabat….

Hehhee… Inilah akivat bila terkena keje 2 wiken berturut2 😛


Anaqi is coming home


Yeay…. Nk blk dr Dungun mlm ni… Tp wiken ni ai kijer laa plak.. Huuu..